Junyi ZHONG: Biography

I am currently a PhD candidate in Tincnet group working on Artifical Intelligence and Data Science for Smart City at Laboratoire Images, Signaux et Systèmes Intelligents (LISSI) Vitry-sur-Seine, France. I am working at Leesu lab and LiSSi lab(Paris-Est Créteil University) simultaneously, I am supervised by an interdisciplinary consortium composed of environmental specialists (F. Lucas -Leesu, and G. Foret-LISA),data science specialists  (S. Souihi, T. Abreu, LiSSi), an emergency physician(Doctor M.Hedet, AP-HP Créteil) and urban engineering specialists (K. Laffrechine and B. Barroca, Lab’UrbaGustave Eiffel University). My thesis also focus on the HiFlow project which is funded project by FRM.
Before that, I got my engineer’s degree in Software Engineering from Institut supérieur d’électronique de Paris (ISEP), Paris, France. I also obtained a Master of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science from a M2 program jointly provided by Grenoble INP Ensimag school of engineering in Applied Mathematics and Informatics and the Department of Informatics and Mathematics of Université Grenoble Alpes, IM²AG