Thiago Abreu: Research

Research Projects

The Caching based MobIle sOcial Network project aimed to provide optimal delivery of content in mobile networks, allowing faster access of content, as well as « offline » operation for better performance [link].

Intelligent DEsign of Future mobile Internet for enhanced eXperience : The objective of IDEFIX was to revisit the methods of construction and evaluation of radio technologies by integrating the different services from the technology definition phase. The economic aspects were also in the heart of this work with the integration of the aspects of cost and strategic investment in the process of technological innovation. [link]

The RESeau Coordonné de sUbstitution mobilE project aimed the study of network control and a complementary robot/drone network to provide network coverage for zones under link failures or under bandwidth shortage. [link]



Dr. Ajit Rai, Université de Rennes 1. Thesis director : Prof. Bruno Tuffin. Date : September 09th, 2018. [link]


Dr. Abdelali Kerrouche, Université Paris-Est. Thesis director : Prof. Abdelhamid Mellouk. Date : May 26th, 2017. [link]


Comité de Suivi Individuel du Doctorant. Ph.D candidate: Hamza BEN AMMAR, Université De Rennes 1. Thesis director : Dr. Soraya Ait-Chellouche, 2017.

Scientific Committees

HPSR 2021

TPC Co-Chair of the 7th IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing, Paris, France.

SaCoNet 2018

Tutorial Co-Chair of the 7th IEEE SmArt COmmunications in NEtwork  Technologies, El Oued, Algeria.